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China, an ancient legendary Asian country.


In the vicinity of beautiful Chinese mother river Changjiang and on the east coast of the 2nd biggest fresh water lake of Dongting, stands a celebrated company, Jihua 3517 Rubber Products Co. Ltd. , a company directly affiliated to one of world top 500 enterprises, Xinxing Cathay International Group, which is owned by Chinese State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Jihua3517 is also the approved rubber seals supplier for world biggest ductile iron pipe developer of Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. Her neighbor, is the famous Chinese cultural heritage of Yueyang Tower.  


With a registration capital of RMB150 million yuan and assets of RMB 500 million yuan the company was found in 1951 and established its reputation of “military technology and professional manufacture.”


Starting from producing “Military Famous Brand” of rubber products, the company has been unceasingly elevating itself to become the biggest rubber sealing materials producer on our planet.



its brand  “3517” was approved as “Famous Trademark of China”by Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce and its products have numerously won National Customer Satisfaction Product title. Its honor portfolio also contains  some enviable ones such as “National Hi-Tech Enterprise” and “ Provincial Approved Enterprise Technology Centre”. Jihua 3517 is proud of its powerful R&D strength, strict management, excellent qualities and reputable market image.  



International Standard and  Quality First


Taking quality as its lifeline and social responsibility its mission, the company has built up its ISO9001 quality control system, ISO14001  environmental management system and OHSAS18001 Occupational health and safety management system, all of which have been awarded with certificates.


Furthermore, by placing products safety as its top agenda,  Jihua 3517’s rubber seals have attained international standard on direct drinking water deliverr. Its products have acquired French BV quality certificate and UK’s WRAS drinking water safety certificate which makes it the only enterprise in China successfully passing WRAS testing center’s health safety certification on BS6920 water related rubber seal ring products.  


Taking innovation as its development engine, 3517 Rubber Seals R&D Branch, established by world  biggest ductile iron pipes manufacturer, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipe Co. Ltd. has its independent labs with a researching team of 82 personnel including 2 experts entitled to enjoy Chinese State Council’s Special Allowance, 22 Senior Engineers and 8 Master Degree holders.  Possessing 12 pieces of innovation patents, 82 pieces of new utility models patents, this team is now carrying out 10 innovation programs. 


To focus on rubber application, Jihua 3517 actively cooperates with universities and institutes in this field such as South China University of Technology, Qingdao University of Science & Technology, and Qingdao EVE Rubber Institute.


As the saying best saddle forbest horse, edge technology also needs up-to-date equipment to illustrate.


  Jihua 3517 purchased 50 sets of full automatic equipment, including large-scale mixers, open mixers, press vulcanizers and rolling mills.


Of them, the star is the world biggest full automatic press vulconizer  with an annual capacity of  producing 2 million pieces of rubber sealing rings in multi-types and various specifications and is capable of producing as big as 2600mm diameter super large seals in various types.


Jihua 3517 produces all sorts of heat resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant and oil resistant rubber sealing and shock absorption products in line with international standard, which have been around worldly used in public water supply, oil or gas pipeline, large bridge, sewage projects and sorts of industrial and mining equipment. The proprietary technologies owned are globally leading.


Advanced production management conception, proprietary technology, and up-to-date equipment, all these are combined to lay down the corner stone for producing first class products.



 T-type  rubber seal ringThis sealing ring (size:DN40-DN2200) is made of 50±5°IRHD and 90±5°IRHD rubber at two levels of hardness. Once installed the soft rubber part will be compressed to supply good sealing performance, while hard rubber part plays the role of supporting. It has been used by numerous large projects, and exported to abroad market.

2.K型橡胶密封圈:适用于K型接口形式的离心球墨铸铁管道的机械式连接。依靠法兰和螺栓挤压入管道的承口和插口间的胶圈室起密封作用, K型胶圈解决了市场上全软体胶圈安装困难的问题,且密封效果好,受到客户一致好评。101字)

 K-type  rubber seal ring This type (size: DN100-DN2400) is applicable for mechanical link between K-types ductile iron pipes.Its sealing effect is performed by the sealed chamber between the bell and spigot joints of pipe forced by the extrusion of the flange and bolt. This typehas solved installation difficulties happened in the total-soft sealing ring products while offer a sound sealing effect. It has been widely praised by its clients.107字)

3.XT2型橡胶密封圈:是开发的一种新型接口胶圈,适用于XT2型接口形式的离心球墨铸铁管道柔性接口连接,产品配合X-anchor橡胶支撑圈使用于DN1400-DN2600  XT2型自锚接口,起到自锚作用。74字)

XT2-type  rubber seal ringThis type (size: DN80-DN2600) is a new developed interface linking  seal ring,  which is suitable for the XT2 type interface mechanical link for ductile iron pipes. It can be self-anchored (size: DN1400-2600) when used in conjunction with the rubber support ring(X-anchor).89字)


Metal reinforced flange gasketThis gasket (size: DN80-DN2000) is anew product from Jihua3517.


Generally the gasket between the flange is uneven caused by asymmetric force of flange bolts and the difficult to control the compression degree on the gasket.


But this  type  is easy to be positioned bythe centering ring and confined by the metal ring. Furthermore, the gasket sealing parts are uniformly compressed to acquire a better sealing.


Flange gasketTo meet with customers demand, Jihua3517 produces IBC , FF type and fabric reinforced flange gaskets under ISO 2531, ISO 7005 BS 4772, BS 10, BS 4865, EN1514, AWWAC111 etc. standards to provide sealing in the flange connection68字)

6. T型防滑脱橡胶密封圈:把一定数量的不绣钢齿固定在橡胶硬胶内,增加钢齿与插口端的阻力,致使钢齿咬紧插口,起到了良好的防滑脱作用,安装便利,防滑效果好,解决管道弯头处不便设置支墩的难题。

T-type non-skid rubber seal ringPut a certain amount of steel teeth fixed inside the hard part of rubber to increase the resistance on the steel teeth and port ends, resulted in steel tooth tight biting the socket to effectively prevent skidding. It is convenient to install and good at preventing skid while successfully solves the problem of difficult to set piers in pipeline’s curving part.



Cooperate for win-win, Collaborate for future


With discerning judgment and surprising courage, Mr. Rong Sanyou, Company’s CEO and his managing team entered into international partnership with Lao’s Jiafeng Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd to  co-build rubber raw materials base, locating on the new maritime silk road and contribute to enhance the Sino-South East Asia’s friendship on their economic cooperation and  cultural exchange.


For many years, by taking full service as its motto and with sincerity, friendship and responsibility, Jihua 3517 have been growing with its partners and established its reputation.


Its Brand 3517 has also become a global-level brand.   


Jihua 3517 rubber component productsenjoy Chinese domestic market share higher than 40%, most used for Chinese national level public projectssuch as South to North Water Diversion Project, Taiyuan Yellow River Diversion Project, Wuhan drainage project, Jiangsu Jang-ning water supply project, Yunnan Green Sea water diversion project, Tianjin Bin-hai New Area sea water desalination project, and natural gas pipeline projects in Shanghai, Jiangxi province and so on.


Once the wind rise, I will set my sail to explore the unknown.


Mr. Rong and his team have shown great foresight to put forward a radiant solution package for company’s development.


Invest RMB 150 million yuan to purchase 17 hectares in Hunan Yueyang Chenglinji Industry Zone and 10 hectares in Yueyang FTA to build Jihua Polymer Material High Technology Industrial Park under the program of 3-Parks 1-Base 2-Centers.


Innovatethe export-oriented economy pattern in Yueyang FTA by building up the Polymer Material R&D Base, the Import-Export Collection & Distribution Center and the New Technology Industrialization Application Base, which will provide 200,000 jobs and generate an output value of RMB10 billion yuan.


The other initiative is to invest RMB 5 billion yuan to build theDongting 3517 New Cultural Tourism Town on the old factory site to give this 60 hectares area a comprehensive utilization.


Grow by learning, progress by innovation, which is Jihua 3517’s development philosophy. As industrial leading enterprise, Jihua 3517 is always exerting its most to continuously sharpen its technology, improve its quality and perfect its serviceto forge 3517 to be a global top brand.


With the ambition togrow up to be one of Chinese 10 billion yuan value enterprises and 100 billion yuan value industries, JIhua 3517 is marching on the way to create its own legend!